A Memoir of Free Will is OUT NOW via Unqiue Leader.
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Raleigh. NC-- Progressive deathcore champions, KROSIS, have announced the "Memoir Anthology", a set of three releases to come out over 2020 and 2021. The Memoir Anthology will include 2 digital re-releases and one brand new EP. it will features the digital re-release of KROSIS' debut album, Mount Of Sacrifice and the digital re-release of 2018's Solem Vatem. Both albums will have new vocal work by currently frontman, Mac Smith, as well as new mixes by guitarist Brandon Scurlark, and mastering by Jamie King (The Contortionist, Between The Buried and Me). The last installment of the anthology will be a fresh EP full of new music as an extension to KROSIS' newest album, A Memoir of Free Will, which was release back in February through Unique Leader Records. The EP will be releases physically and digitally. 

The Coronovirus Pandemic caused the album cycle for A Memoir of Free Will to be cut short. KROSIS had to cancel tours and festival appearances that were scheduled to help promote and sell their sophomore album. Unfortunately, with all 2020 touring and festivals plans being cancelled, the band lost out on, potentially, thousands of dollars. In an effort to not only try and make back what was lost, but to also entice their phenomenally loyal fan base, KROSIS came up with the "Memoir Anthology." Vocalist Mac Smith has this to say: 

"You've all shown us great support for A Memoir of Free Will. We encourage people to continue streaming, buying, and sharing the album as much as possible. With the "Memoir Anthology" we plan on revitalizing the KROSIS discography to its fullest potential to help people get through these difficult and trying times. You have our word that we are planning our touring cycle for 2021 as we speak. In the meantime, stick around with us these next coming months as we produced the best content we can. Keep your eyes pealed for the releases of Mount of Sacrifice and Solem Vatem as well as a brand new EP. Thank you everyone."


We are happy to announce that we will be playing the Auditory Carnage Festival this year alongside our brothers in Inanimate Existence, Vulvodynia, Fleshbore and many more! Tickets will be available through Brown Paper Tickets on Friday, March 6th 2020!

Its Here! Our New Album 

We are beyond excited to release our new album, A Memoir of Free Will. This album was two years in the making. We put everything we had in to these 10 songs. We hope you enjoy it.  You can purchase your copy HERE. You can also stream the full album on Spotify and Youtube. 

NEW SONG: "Battles Are Won Within"  

Official Press Release: 

North Carolina progressive deathcore outfit KROSIS have premiered a lyric video for their slamming new track "Battles Are Won Within" today at Invisible Oranges. The song is off of their brutally stunning new album A Memoir Of Free Will which will see a February 7th release date through Unique Leader Records. 

Vocalist Mac Smith commented, "Battles Are Won Within” is our modernized tribute to pioneers of ‘90s death metal and innovators of the slam subgenre, including bands such as Suffocation, Internal Bleeding, and Devourment. We wanted to write an extremely heavy jam that is musically abnormal for us while still maintaining our stylization as a group, and we feel that this track turned out to be exactly that. We wanted this song to be as intense as possible and to overwhelm the listener with different dynamics of heaviness, as well as to try out our hand at complimenting classic styles of brutal death metal with a modern twist. Aggression, groove, riffs, slams, punishing vocals, you name it: This track has it all. As a death metal enthusiast, this one comes from a special place in my heart, and I hope everyone enjoys this track as much as I do! SLAM!" 

Watch the video HERE 

A Memoir Of Free Will is the follow-up to KROSIS' jaw dropping debut Solem Vatem which Dead Rhetoric called "an unexpected treat" adding "Many pleasant and fresh twists await, done in such a way that they still can find flow and cohesiveness within their structures." The 10 track album has already begun garnering critical praise of its own with Noob Heavy saying "...the unpredictable nature of this sound and the freshness of the composition feels very new". Two Guys Metal Reviews added "A Memoir Of Free Will is a strong step forward for the band and seems to continually prove that there is a lot to this group and that they have countless great albums ahead of them." 

A Memoir Of Free Will sees the group truly coming into their own with the band's ambitious sound culminating into something truly unique. 

On February 1st KROSIS vocalist Mac Smith will be hosting a 2 hour special on Gimme Radio. The show will feature 3 singles from the group's new album as well as selections from artists that the band is fans of. 

To coincide with the album's release KROSIS will be hitting the road in February on the "Memoir of Free Will Release Tour". The trek, which runs from February 6 - 15, will cover a portion of the US East Coast and Midwest with support coming from A Wake In Providence and God of Nothing. 

A Memoir Of Free Will Release Tour 
2/6 Chapel Hill NC @ Local 506* 
2/7 Winston Salem NC @ Breaktime 
2/8 Asheville NC @ The Odditorium 
2/9 Columbus GA @ The Plughouse 
2/11 Lafayette IN @ The Spot Tavern 
2/12 Pittsburgh PA @ Black Forge Coffee 
2/13 Montclair NJ @ Meatlocker 
2/14 Philadelphia PA @ Century 
2/15 Virginia Beach @ West Beach Tavern. 
*No God of Nothing 

Physical pre-order bundles for A Memoir Of Free Will are available HERE 
Digital pre-order bundles HERE

New Single, "Psychoticlysm", and Headlining Tour Announcement 


"'Psychoticlysm' is a release for anyone who likes their music a bit more unpredictable. It's a song that's hard to gauge exactly what will come next and it's a nice breath of air from what you would typically find from a band that falls under the deathcore umbrella." 

Our brand new single, music video, and tour announcement have officially been released through Metal Injection! Check it out below! 


A Memoir Of Free Will Release Tour 
W/ A Wake In Providence and GOD OF NOTHING 

2/6 Chapel Hill NC @ Local 506* 
2/7 Winston Salem NC @ Breaktime 
2/8 Asheville NC @ The Odditorium  
2/9 Columbus GA @ The Plughouse 
2/11 Lafayette IN @ The Spot Tavern 
2/12 Pittsburgh PA @ Black Forge Coffee 
2/13 Montclair NJ @ Meatlocker 
2/14 Philadelphia PA @ Century  
2/15 Virginia Beach @ West Beach Tavern.  
* No God of Nothing

Gear Gods premieres new song, Album details announced  

Official Press Release: 

North Carolina progressive deathcore group have premiered a music video for their new song "To Persist or Adhere" today at Gear Gods. The track is from the group's expansive and musically adventurous new album A Memoir of Free Will which will see a February 7th release date via Unique Leader. 

Memoir of Free Will is the follow up to KROSIS' jaw dropping debut Solem Vatem which Dead Rhetoric called "an unexpected treat" adding "Many pleasant and fresh twists await, done in such a way that they still can find flow and cohesiveness within their structures." The stunning 10 track album sees the group truly coming into their own with the band's ambitious sound culminating into something truly unique. 

Drummer Dan Cece commented about the album, "A Memoir of Free Will, simply put, is a massive culmination of many things that we were finally able to put together. 

It is the apex of our evolution over the past year in a musical sense, but also in a personal sense. We wanted a huge conceptual vision coupled with an equally huge sound that was refined and honed, yet still undeniably Krosis. We couldn't be prouder to say that this album is all that and more. We wanted something big, really big; something that a listener couldn't digest in just one or two listens. We've never been more excited to present a creation to you all and hope you enjoy it as much as we do." 

The band said of the single, "To Persist or Adhere is a symbolic milestone for all of us in Krosis. It is the debut of our matured and redefined stylistic sound, while also representing our progression as a band over this past year. It is a journey of perseverance that can be related to every day life, as well as our willingness to progress through all obstacles that we may face. It is the most meaningful piece of art that I have ever worked on and I truly hope it can impact other people as it has impacted us." 

Memoir of Free Will Track Listing - 

1. Gone, But Not Forgotten 
2. Insanity: A Moniker of Me 
3. To Persist or Adhere 
4. An Elegy for a Man Alive 
5. Psychoticlysm 
6. Melancholy and Madness 
7. Questions of a Holistic Divine 
8. With Virtue, I am Free 
9. Battles are Won Within 
10. A Memoir of Free Will

Clockwork North America Tour  

We are hitting the road next week to meet up with Inanimate Existence and Symbolik for the "Clockwork North America Tour" Click on our show tab for more information! 

Krosis only dates: 
11/7 Nashville TN @ Springwater 
11/8 Springfield MO @ Outland Bar 
11/9 Tulsa OK @ Mass Movement Community ARts 
11/10 Lubbock TX @ Demons Den Underground 
11/11 Tempe AZ @ Palo Verde Lounge 

W/ Inanimate Existence, Symbolik 
11/14 Sacramento CA @ The Boardwalk 
11/15 Laguna Niguel @ Karman Bar 
11/16 Kingman AZ @ Sportsman's CLub 
11/17 Santa Fe NM @ Tumbleroot Brewery 
11/18 San Antonio TX @ The Anthem Entertainment 
11/19 Austin TX @ Come and Take It Live 
11/20 Corpus Christi TX @ Boozers 
11/21 New Orleans LA @ The Goat 
11/22 Pensacola FL @ ROdeo Rock 
11/23 Tallahassee FL @ The Warrior On The River 
11/24 Jacksonville FL @ Jack Rabbits 
11/25 Spartanburg SC @ Ground Zero 
11/29 Allentown PA @ Sportsmen's Cafe 
11/30 Brooklyn NY @ The Kingsland 
12/1 Revere MA @ Sammy's Patio 
12/2 Providence RI @ Alchemy 
12/4 Buffalo NY @ Stamps


"Duplicity" video premiere by Lambgoat 

Raleigh, Nc progressive deathcore act KROSIS have premiered a music video for their new song "Duplicity" today via Lambgoat. The track is a taste of what is to come from the group as they continue work on the follow up to their 2018 Unique Leader debut Solem Vatem which was called "...memorable and enticing" by Metal Injection with Mayhem Music Magazine adding "they took a genre that is all too capable of being stale and generic, and breathed new life into it by adding their own twists to it with their awesome assortment of synths, audio clips, instrumental breaks, different musical structures, vocal variety, album continuity, and a maelstrom of different sub-genre components. 

Drummer Daniel Cece commented, "“We have waited quite a long time to release this new music video to you all. Solem Vatem was, for an up-and-coming band like us, such a success, and that only made us eager to put something else out. 

Today, at long last, we give to you a brand new sound, equipped with the most solid audio production we've had so far, a brand new amazing vocalist in Mac Smith, and a track that we sure are proud of. We want to shape the new sound of deathcore/death metal, and be amongst the pride of North Carolina. Today, "Duplicity" awaits, and I truly hope all of you give it a listen."

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